BACCI was founded in 2002 with the vision to create wealth and preserve capital. We have grown into a company with assets under management and administration exceeding R1.8 billion (Sept. 2017). Paul Rozowsky, one of the original founders, brings a wealth of knowledge as a trader on the JSE floor in the 1980s. The business originally formed with a focus on Securities Trading and expanded the offering by introducing the Protected Equity Fund in 2012. Ulf Brinkmann, vastly experienced in the derivatives world, focuses his time in managing the hedge fund. As the business has grown, the need to facilitate and manage portfolios across the asset class spectrum became apparent. A strategic partnership was established in August 2015, in which Warren Quin and Oliver Dresner joined the team to bring a focus on advice and expand the current investment offering. With a cumulative 40 years’ experience in the corporate world, their efforts have turned the Advisory into a successful business venture whose primary responsibility is looking after people first. In a complex industry our aim is to simplify things as we continue to encourage our clients to articulate goals in order to better understand their broader life values and with this craft a financial plan and portfolio construction to grow their assets, fulfil their needs and achieve their dreams.