The primary objective of the Global Equity Portfolio is to achieve a long term total return by investing across developed global equity markets. The investment style is to invest in dominant, high quality businesses which have a history of developing both growth and real economic value. The portfolio's exposure to listed securities will always exceed 90% of the portfolio's net asset value but may include preference shares, property shares and property related securities.The investment methodology relies primarily on bottom up fundamental analysis. Investment allocation to underlying companies are long term in nature with a view to minimise portfolio turnover. While we expect our approach to achieve returns in excess of the market the portfolio construction is benchmark agnostic.
In summary:
  • The portfolio will focus on quality businesses with growth opportunities and operating momentum
  • We aim to invest in great companies and let the companies generate the investment returns.
  • We favour companies with high returns on invested capital.
  • Strong cash generation and growth opportunities to reinvest at high rates of return.
  • The portfolio managers do not rely on special information or unique insights but rather a structured and repeatable process.