Our focus at BACCI is to simplify the noise and deliver successful long term results. Investing doesn’t need to be difficult, it is knowing when and what consideration to apply for positive long term delivery.

Bespoke managed segregated share portfolio

Actively traded segregated share portfolio

Tailored investment strategies

Before investing on your behalf we will establish your needs such as your time horizon, age, risk profile, liquidity needs, tax profile etc. We will manage your portfolio as a part of a complete financial plan, our aim is to provide independent financial advice on long-term financial planning in order to meet your needs.
Our investment methodology relies on primarily bottom-up fundamental analysis through in-house and third party proprietary research. We aim to build a diversified portfolio of shares with high expected returns and low correlations with each other. This methodology is what allows us to generate exceptional returns with considerably low risk.
You will receive monthly statements of your portfolio movements. An annual realised capital gains statement is sent to all clients to minimise the inconvenience of accounting for capital gains.
All shares and cash are registered in your name and held at Peregrine Equities which is a member of the JHB Stock Exchange. Your Portfolio is held in your name and guaranteed by by the fidelity fund of the JHB Stock Exchange.