Paul Rozowsky

Founder, Director, Portfolio Manager
Paul was previously a Director at Peregrine Equities before co-founding BACCI 2002. Paul is one of the few mavericks who worked as a dealer on open outcry system in the eighties. Paul also worked at Standard Corporate & Merchant Bank and Standard Equities where he was responsible for equity derivative and spot trading after which he joined Peregrine Equities.

Ulf Brinkmann

Director, CEO, Portfolio Manager, B. Com (Hons)
Ulf was previously a Co-founder of Vector Securities & Derivatives with over 20 years’ experience in option structuring and risk management through derivatives. Ulf set up the Protected Equity Fund in December 2010 for investors whose primary focus is achieving a steady return above inflation whilst also participating in upside with the equity market.

Warren Quin

Advisory Partner, BCom CFP
Warren joined BACCI in 2016 following 7 years at Citadel as an advisory partner. After spending 3 years in London in the financial services sector where his career began he then to South Africa where he spent some time in the Asset management space while completing his CFP. Taking all of this experience gained, Warrens focus at BACCI is expanding the advisory capabilities within the group in addition to managing private client portfolios.

Gareth Lynch

Partner, Marketing, Client Services, MKTG
Gareth is an innovative professional who spent a decade working in the USA securing contracts with Fortune 500 companies managing US territories spanning 30 states . He returned to South Africa in 2011 where he played an instrumental role at eNetworks implementing strategic fibre networks which led to the Company's acquisition. He thereafter joined the team at BACCI Investment Solutions.

Oliver Dresner

Advisory Partner, BA SII (Securities)
Oliver has been in the Financial markets for 20 years, with a focus on processing Financial Audits for clients. His career began at Seeff Trust as a Portfolio Advisor, following which he spent 8 years in London working for JP Morgan, headed up the FX Middle Office for ING, before moving back to Cape Town as Head of Private Clients at Insinger de Beaufort. Oliver worked as an Advisory Partner for Citadel for 8 years before joining BACCI in 2016.

Lance Valkin

Partner, BA, Economics
Lance was previously a Partner at Vector Securities where he worked closely with Ulf. He worked at Max Pollock and Freemantle where he then joined Standard Corporate & Merchant Bank in the Equity derivative and spot trading desk before his move to Peregrine Equities. Lance has over 20 years of professional experience trading in Equities, Equity futures, Options.

Emma Fonzari

Administration Manager
Emma has over 30 years’ experience working in financial management and planning. Her career started at Standard Corporate and Merchant Bank as a Manager, Financial Planning and then joined Standard Equities where she teamed up with BACCI founder Paul Rozowsky. In 1998 Emma moved with Paul to Peregrine Equities and joined them at BACCI as Administration Manager 2014.

Robert Lachman

Partner, B.Com
Rob is a stalwart of the equities market, he joined the JSE in 1972 was a member both of the JSE and The Institute of Stock Brokers. Despite celebrating his 70th birthday last December he remains razor sharp and still teaches us all a thing or two. Rob works out of the Johannesburg office.

Wafieka Abrahams

Operations, Advisory
Wafieka performs a crucial role ensuring all operational aspects of the advisory team are managed day to day. Wafieka has a wealth of knowledge with 23 years in the financial services sector. Having worked across the banking, credit and Wealth management space at one of the largest banks in South Africa for 23 years the experience added to our team is crucial.